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In a couple of months you’ll probably hear a lot of people talk about words they cannot spell. That’s because kids from all around the country compete to be the best speller in Scripps National Spelling Bee. But for those who are older and more mature, they are pretty much out of luck beacuse there is no such competition.

But that’s where Jason Bateman‘s Bad Words comes in. His directorial debut centers on a bitter man who takes advantage of a loophole and participates in these spelling bees against kids he is much much older than. So to help promote the film’s upcoing exanding release – the film is out in limited theaters now – Focus Features, the people behind the popular website Urban Dictionary, iO West (LA’s preeminent improv comedy troupe) have teamed up for the First Annual Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee. Hit the jump to learn more.

Here is a brief description of the competition from the press release.

Grown-up spelling bee contestants (members of iO West comedy troupe channeling their inner Guy Trilby) will be tested on their Urban Dictionary knowledge of spelling, usage and zeitgeist context of popular words being used in 2014 in an interactive performance capitalizing on the irreverent humor inspired by BAD WORDS.

While the judges will also be members of the comedy troupe, the audience will have opportunity to participate in the show as well – either as a contestant on stage or by contributing new words to the Urban Dictionary vernacular.

The competition will be held at West Theatre in Hollywood with the iO West comedy troupe and the cast of Bad Words in attendance. For more information head to

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By Michael Lee

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