Website in action

Today, we have a new site that allows you to figure out how much time you spend on all those TV shows. The site, lets you find TV show names, select the number of seasons you’ve seen, and then calculate it in days, hours, and minutes. Hit the jump to see more about this new tool.

To use the tool, go to (see what they did there?) and search for your favorite show. The autocomplete should pickup the name below your search. Click on that show, select how many of the seasons you’ve watched, and watch the ticker above rise. The results are cumulative, so as you add on each show’s season totals, the counter rises to days, hours, and minutes.

The calculations are based on a simple equation, namely number of seasons times number of episodes per season times runtime of episode. When I plugged in the first season of Breaking Bad, my results were 9 hours, 30 minutes. Given that the first season of that show was 7 episodes, it doesn’t exactly line up as expected. As another test, I chose the first season of Magnum P.I., which has 18 episodes. A more believable number of 17 hours, 43 minutes appears. Based on those numbers, the tool seems to take into account watching commercials. For the full run of the show’s 162 hour long episodes, you might expect over 6 days, but the tool shows 5 days, 21 hours. uses the API to fetch details about shows and runtimes. So, go ahead, add all of the shows you’ve been loyally watching and find out approximately how much time you’ve sinked into it.

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