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It only took a few hours since the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter launched, but thanks to fans of the PBS series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, LaVar Burton was able to meet his $1 million goal in less than 24 hours.  In fact it took only about 10 hours for Reading Rainbow‘s Kickstarter goal to be met, Burton had tweeted about it around 6:50 am PST and announced that it got the $1 million funds by 5 in the afternoon.  On an added note, there are still 34 days left for those fans who are passionate about the project to donate money of their own in hopes of getting some very rare and exclusive incentives.

Hit the jump to see what some of the backers got as an incentive for giving towards the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter.

The purpose of this Kickstarter wasn’t to revive it on PBS necessarily, but make the program itself readily available to children all around the world. This meant creating a new version of the show on the web. The Wrap says that “Burton also plans on offering a “classroom version” of the program for teachers and is spearheading a not-for-profit that will give copies of “Reading Rainbow” away to low-income schools for free.”

As for the incentives, they ranged from $5 to $25 to $10,000. $5 got a nice thank you, $25 got will get you a digital download of the special Reading Rainbow Collector’s Episode. Those who gave $110 got a signed headshot of the actor. But if you backed the kickstarter with $10,000, you and a guest could have a private dinner with Burton, plus wear the original visor that was used in the series.

Other incentives includes bumper stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, even a private skype chat. While some of the incentives are sold out, and the goal has already been met, the $10,000 incentive is still up for grabs.

Check out the the Kickstarter page here.

By Michael Lee

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