Viral Video: Scary Psychic Uses Ouija Board Prank To Freak Out Brooklynites

ouija board prank

It’s that time of the year again. People are trying to scare one another in the spirit of Halloween. This also means we are going to get scores of scary movies being released in the coming weeks. And of course that makes for a perfect marketing campaign. As we have seen for films like Carrie and The Devil’s Due, Thinkmodo is in the business of pranking people by scaring them in unsuspecting places like a coffee shop or just on a sidewalk. So they have released a video for their latest prank, which will help promote Platinum Dunes’ upcoming film, Ouija.

Like most of Thinkmodo’s prank videos, we see the process of what it takes to scare people, in this case people from Brooklyn. They set up a makeshift Psychic shop to lure their victims in, but also setting up remote control Ouija cursors, and building trap floor boards. And just for some added fun, they cast someone who can bulge their eyes out to freak out their customers.

Here’s how they describe the video.

This Ouija Psychic has a unique ability: she can pop her eyes out at any time. A remote controlled planchette and a dead person breaking through the floor were added to the mix to create a terrifying psychic reading experience. Hidden cameras captured the whole thing.

Music: “Blade” by Bob Bradley

As you may have guessed, Ouija is based on the popular spirit calling board of the same name. In the film, a group of teens use an Ouija board to speak to their friend in the afterlife after she died under mysterious circumstances. Of course the teens inadvertently unlock something truly terrifying.

Ouija opens in theaters on October 24, 2014.

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