Devil's Due Viral Marketing Baby

Once again, New York City was struck by some sort of supernatural event created by a viral marketing team that just loves to scare people. Following in the footsteps of the Carrie telekinetic coffee ship viral campaign, comes a new scare tactic that is actually a promotion for the upcoming Devil’s Due.

Using an animatronic baby and a remote control baby stroller, Thinkmodo created this viral marketing gag to promote the upcoming film. If you don’t recognize the name, then you might remember when they pulled a similar stunt last year for Carrie when they posted a video of people scared that a girl using “physic powers” on someone at a coffee shop. They were also involved with creating other viral videos like the Limitless viral campaign where the team looked like they “hacked” the giant video screen at Times Square and the video of people “flying over” the city of Manhattan for Chronicle.

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The freakish baby scared residents and tourists with its frightening screams and projectile vomit. Of course it was used to hilarious effect because we laugh when they get spooked.

According to Yahoo! “The quartet known as Radio Silence (you can catch the four in the final shot of the opening montage) flew out to New York to meet with the Thinkmodo team and offer suggestions for maximizing the scariness. Krivicka called their involvement ‘a bit surreal but very helpful,’ adding, ‘We had fun discussions about the movie, which sparked many ideas for us and our promo.'”

As you can see from the video, there are plenty of reactions varying from screaming, jumping and running away, to unflinching, cursing, or defending themselves.

But the one interesting thing about this video capturing people’s reactions, but what happened behind the scenes. Out of all the people who may be scared of this baby isn’t who you see, but who you didn’t see. Michael Krivicka, head of Thinkmodo, told Yahoo, that “Going back and forth between the grotesque devil baby and my super-cute son really messed up my reality and gave me nightmares.” He did go on on to say he’s doing better now.

Fox will release the Devil’s Due into theaters on January 17.


Devil's Due Poster

By Michael Lee

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