Screen Gems releases the sci-fi action thriller Priest in 3D on May 13th, so some of the cast and crew were at WonderCon to show off some footage (which I missed) and to do roundtable interviews. After the break, hear said interviews.

Priest is set in an alternative future in which vampires and Priests are constantly at war. It’s been a generation since the last Vampire War, and now a veteran Warrior Priest must stop another one from starting, no matter who tries to stop him. Below is the audio for our interviews with the stars and director, as well as quick guide to find the person you may want to hear.

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Paul Bettany 0:00 – 9:32

Bettany, who plays the title role in the film, talks about what drew him to this film, his physical and mental preparation for the role, and working with Stuart again after teaming up for Legion.

Scott Stewart 9:32 – 19:30

The director discusses the difference between this and his previous film, Legion, including the much bigger budget. He goes on to talk about the connection between the movie and the Korean comic its based on, as well as the risks he was able to take, like changing the vampires from what we know.

Lily Collins 19:30 – 29:15

The beautiful new Snow White talks about her role in the film as the niece to Priest who gets kidnapped in order to start a war between the vampires and Priests.

Cam Gigandet 29:15 – 37:43

Gigandet plays a Sheriff and boyfriend to Collins’ Lucy, who gets Priest to help him find his love after she is kidnapped. Gigandet talks about acting alongside Bettany and briefly compares the two vampire movies he’s been in.

By Dan Koelsch

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