What started as “a film is being shown at Comic-Con! Hurry!” has also turned into one of the hottest talks of the last day of Comic-Con. Now, granted virgins and Comic-Con go hand in hand like a virgin’s hand in………. well, I’m pretty sure you get the point, but there is something different about this virgin. This virgin has the backing of some pretty big names. Names that will get The Virginity Hit where it needs to be, if it hasn’t gone the distance already. Keep reading to get off, I mean, keep reading if you’re lonely.. damn, to find out more.

As one who did not make it to San Diego this year, the one thing that sticks out (pun intended) are all of the tweets and chatter about The Virginity Hit, and the names Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who have their names plastered all over hits like Eastbound & Down, The Other Guys, and Funny or Die, and how great this film was. So how do those who weren’t knee deep in cosplay get to know about this film? Well, you have tweets, you have hilarious trailers, and you have the help of a toll free number to get you out of a jam, and into a……… what rhymes with jam, and is synonymous with getting stuck in things? Oh, never mind. Just call 888-743-4335 and Zack will give you the scoop.

Granted, Zack, whom I will call “the new Jonah Hill”, leads you in circles in this call, but it does give you some funny stuff to listen to. You also get this back and forth on Zack Chat that you can find on the main site, TheVirginityHit, all while listening to some awesomely hypnotic background music.

And, what would a viral be without some good ol’ Twitter accounts. We’ve talked about Zack earlier, who’s Twitter account can be found here, but we also get to see his buddy, who’s the virgin, well his account is here.

Not a lot to go on at the moment, however it’s a start. Or a filler. Who knows. Follow the tweets to find out if anything happens before the (I’m pretty sure, limited) release in 2010.

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