“Apollo 18” Gets New Trailer and Release Date, Along With A Space Race Timeline

The musical chairs game that is Apollo 18‘s release date continues. After previously scheduled openings in March, April, August, and even next January, September 2nd has become the new day the found footage sci fi horror opens in theaters. With the new date comes a new trailer from Yahoo that is leaner and possibly more effective. Check out the trailer after the break, along with a new app on the Apollo 18 Facebook page that could give some clues to the events of the film.

The “Missions” app on the Apollo 18 Facebook page has a neat timeline of the Apollo missions and the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted almost 20 years. If you check out the entries on the timeline, there are some clues to how the film’s secret Apollo 18 mission came about. We’ve already learned most of it from the viral campaign, but it’s still worth checking out to see if there’s anything we missed.

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