Volkswagen had a hit on their hands during last year’s Super Bowl with their “Little Darth Vader” commercial. This year, they sorta did a sequel? I wasn’t sure what to make of it because the Star Wars plot twist seemed really out of place and forced (no pun intended).

NBC broadcasted the Super Bowl this year and used that to its advantage to push a few of its new and returning shows. We saw this promo for the new series, Awake, starring Jason Isaacs as a detective who loses his family in a horrible accident. When he wakes up, his mind has created two realities: one in which his wife survived the accident, and in the other, his son.

Disney showed off footage of its upcoming film, John Carter. You can check out the extended teaser below.

Another new NBC show that we’ve been seeing a lot lately. Smash, NBC’s grown-up answer to Glee premieres tonight at 10 PM EST/ 9PM Central.

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