iron sky 2

I did Nazi that coming! Bad puns aside, this news is a bit surprising. The Finnish indie sci-fi comedy Iron Sky is gearing up for a sequel called Iron Sky The Coming Race, and they are utilizing the same crowdsourcing technique that helped them fund the original film about Nazis from the moon invading modern day Earth. Learn more about the project after the break.

The project launched this week on Indiegogo, looking to get $150,000 by the end of June. The original film got over $1.5 million from crowd funding and crowd investments, which contributed greatly to its $10 million budget. That’s the same plan this time around, but with the hope of getting $15 million total. Hopefully we’ll get some more viral marketing as well.

Iron Sky released to limited theaters last year, but was able to make over $8 million worldwide at the box office. The movie has gotten mixed reviews (including by us), but there obviously be enough fans of director Timo Vuorensola and his crew to inspire the sequel. Filming is not expected to film until 2015, since Vuroensola says “We are not in a hurry, we want to make this one the best, most amazing science fiction film out there.”

Watch the promo video for the project below and contribute at Indiegogo.

By Dan Koelsch

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