The Buzz is a feature in which we round up the Top 3 most-buzzed-about movie/TV stories of the week (in more-or-less chronological order). Why go through pages of blogs just to find out what everyone is talking about? We’ve got it all right here in The Buzz.

1) Warner Bros. Makes Sacrifices to Co-Finance “Interstellar”

friday the 13thGiven his previous films, it’s safe to say that everyone expects Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar to be immensely successful. Warner Bros. is literally banking on that, as they had to give up quite a lot to join the project with Paramount. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. have given the movie rights to South Park and Friday the 13th to Paramount to get on board. Since Paramount already had certain rights with these properties, this seems like a good move for everyone. Nolan has also brought on Hans Zimmer to score the film, to no surprise. Zimmer has already started writing music for the film, due out in November of next year.

2) Two Villains Cast For “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Guardians_of_the_galaxy With filming expected to take place within the next few weeks, we’ve been getting lots of casting news recently for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. First, we learned that British actress Karen Gillan has been cast as the unknown lead female villain. Gillan is best known for playing companion Amy Pond on the BBC’s Doctor Who. Benicio Del Toro has also been cast as a villain, but his role is intended to span multiple films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One rumor has him playing Taneleer Tivan a.k.a. The Collector. A major player in Marvel comics, The Collector has strong ties to Thanos, who was seen in the first post-credits scene in last year’s The Avengers.

3) First Look at Evangeline Lilly in “The Hobbit”

Evangeline Lilly is playing elf warrior Tauriel, head of the Elven Guard, in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Tauriel is not featured in the Tolkien book, but that doesn’t seem to upset fans that much. However, in our first look at Lilly as her character, the costume has gotten some mixed reviews. Check it out below.

Hobbit Tauriel EW

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