Kaiju Remedies

In Warner Bros.’ Pacific Rim, giant sea monsters called Kaiju wreack havoc around the Pacific coast. Jaegars are giant robots designed to stop them, and when they do, there’s a huge carcass just sitting there. So, Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman) made a business out of harvesting Kaiju body parts and selling them as remedies to various ailments. Check out his commercial after the break.

KaijuRemedies.com just links you back to the viral video, but we’ll keep an eye out in case it becomes something more. Pacific Rim opens in US theaters on July 12th.

By Dan Koelsch

Dan Koelsch is our Executive Editor and in charge of Advertising and Promotions. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Radio TV Film from California State University Fullerton, with a Minor in Advertising. He's a diehard Trekkie and a big Superman fan.

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