The Kick-Ass 2 viral campaign is in full swing, but the latest update has peaked my interest more than most. The film’s official YouTube channel has posted a clip mentioning the super villain’s Twitter account, and it includes a questionable tweet. Check it out after the break.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who was Red Mist in the first film, plays the super villain Mother Fucker, and the clip sends us to his Twitter. Let’s ignore the fact that the video’s description has the handle wrong (@TheMotherF_cker), and focus on the content of the real account.

That’s a real tweet from a source that is officially connected to and representing the film. While I get that the goal of the account is to be edgy because it’s a villain, to go meta on something that is a sensitive subject for many is pushing it to me. What do you think? Is this tweet disrespectful to Jim Carrey and his views?

Kick Ass 2 opens in US theaters on August 16th.

By Dan Koelsch

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