It’s been a while since we last saw any updates from the Omnicorp website (it’s been an entire year!?). But finally, the leader in bio-mechatronic engineering, and the company also responsible for creating Robocop, the half robot, half human law enforcement officer, has resurfaced with a bevy of new content.

Get a glimpse on what’s new over at Omnicorp after the break.

Last year when we first told you about the new innovations happening over at Omnicorp (you can find our previous coverage by clicking this link), it had little in the way of content. Well, what a difference a year makes, as you can now browse their entire selection of upcoming products, projects and programs (with some still to come) that are meant to help secure a better and safer future for us all. Below you will find a few samples from their ‘Products’ section for what they have in store for our future.

Be sure to head on over to and discover more about their products and programs (such as the RC-2000 program) and more about how they indeed seem to have our future under control.


Order Restored





Battlefield Control





Arial Vigilance





Tactical Speed





Focused Restraint


 Robocop will begin serving and protecting our theaters next year on February 7, 2014. has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.