TraskDuring San Diego Comic-Con, 20th Century Fox brought Trask Industries to the Gaslamp District to show off its Mark I Sentinel. Well, it’s head. Trask employees handed out placards inviting people to help the company celebrate its 50th anniversary by visiting their website. Once there, you could see the silhouette of a new Sentinel but not much else. Today, the website was updated with a lot more information about the company and its brand new Sentinel, the Mark X. More after the jump!

“What have you been doing for the last 50 years?” That’s the question Trask Industries is asking the Human race, because they’ve been working their butts off to protect us! Protect us from what, exactly? Terrorists? Aliens? The Plague? Not exactly. Using the Sentinel Program and Mutant Detection Device, Trask Industries is trying to keep Humans human by identifying, containing and eliminating the X-Gene, which causes mutation.


You can explore the Trask Industries website and learn more about the company and what they’re doing to keep the X-Gene at bay. You can also view some archival footage of Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and see some pictures of Sentinels in the field, protecting cities and even the President of the United States. But is Trask really trying to protect us? There’s bound to be some resistance to what they’re doing. Stay tuned to MovieViral for any updates!

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