wondertwins 2Back in November, a poster featuring artwork for a possible Wonder Twins movie showed up at Midtown Comics in New York City. At the time, we thought it was one of two things: a hoax or viral marketing for Entourage The Movie. Of course being a site that covers viral campaigns, we hoped for the latter. The creator of the artwork came forward earlier this week and revealed it all to be an elaborate hoax. Get the details on why he did it after the jump!

While being interviewed by Batpodcast, Marc Tyler Nobleman (author of “Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman”), found out that the podcast’s host, Pat Evans was connected to the posters. Nobleman then turned the tables on Evans and interviewed him. Seeing that so many comic book movies are being released these days, Evans thought “…it would be fun to do a spoof version of one. I thought, “What would be the most preposterous superhero movie you could make?” Naturally, the Wonder Twins sprang to mind.”

Evans had originally made the posters to distribute them at Comic-Con, but they weren’t ready in time. So he then planned to randomly leave them on a poster table at Stan Lee’s Comikaze and watch people’s reactions.

Unfortunately, this year they didn’t have a poster table so I had to sort of leave them lying in conspicuous places and wait for people to notice them. So it was a little anti-climactic although I did get to see a few interesting reactions. But my friends and fellow geeks I showed loved them. Many were not sure if they were real or not.

Comikaze must be where the Entourage rumor started and made its way onto the internet. Of course sending the extra posters to comic book stores around the U.S. didn’t help. When he did the mailing labels, he put the offical Warner Bros. logo on them because without it “…the gag is blown. Same with the logos on the poster. They had to be there or people instantly dismiss it.”

So what was Evans’s big goal?

Basically to make people think—if only for a few moments—that a Wonder Twins movie might actually be made. Sort of the equivalent of making someone believe in Santa Claus. A dangerous, drooling, and demented Santa Claus to be sure—but miraculous and magical nonetheless.

He didn’t really have one.

Source: Noblemania

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