Need For Speed starring Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton

Today is a huge day for new trailers. Thanks to the Super Bowl, we’ve had a number of exciting trailer developments. We’ve also gotten a couple clips for the new action movie Need for Speed. This one looks like a wild ride reminiscent of the Fast and Furious series. Hit the jump for a look at a short spot and an extended look at Need For Speed.

From Dreamworks Pictures, today we have a new 30 second spot for the movie based on popular racing game. The car work in these two clips looks amazing. it looks like most of this is done with practical effects, which can only bode well for the quality of the movie. That shot of the cliff jump and subsequent pickup by helicopter looks insane.  Stars Dominic Cooper and Aaron Paul look like they’re enjoying these roles.

The Super Bowl Spot

Extended Look

Based on the highly successful game; Need for Speed stars Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Michael Keaton, and Imogen Poots. Expect Need For Speed to open in theatres March 14th, 2014. has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.