House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey

Today may be Valentine’s Day, and some of you may watch romantic movies like About Last Night or Endless Love, or go for a action flick like RoboCop, but if you don’t decide to go that route, and don’t want to do all those cliche things, then you can settle for season 2 of House of Cards. If you haven’t already downloaded the House Of Cards Against Humanity, do so now to add some fun in between episodes. But if you don’t want to play and choose to binge watch instead, White House asks you – the collective you – not to spoil it for anyone. Hit the jump to read the tweet.

USA Today confirmed that the tweet was indeed sent by someone within the White House, although it may have not been sent out by President Barack Obama as it does not have his signature B.O. twitter initials.

That being said, Obama is indeed a huge fan of the show. In fact the White House confirms that the President will be watching the show this weekend.

But the White House asking an entire nation to keep House Of Cards spoiler free isn’t easy, especially since they released the entire season. People have already gone to twitter to talk about the twists that are happening on the show.

Since it is virtually impossible to keep things spoiler free on Twitter, those people, like Obama, have Netflix’s SpoilerFoiler to look forward too. The site filters out all spoilers on your Twitter feed about the shows you watch, in this case you won’t be spoiled about anything happening on House of Cards.

House Of Cards season two is now available for viewing exclusively on Netflix.

House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey

By Michael Lee

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