Godzilla starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson

The Godzilla viral campaign seems to be starting up once again after taking a slumber for the past few months. The MUTO website teased the inevitable release of the first trailer, which was more of an announcement teaser than anything else. By not showing us the reptilian kaiju, fans were eagerly awaiting what the great beast would look like. Now a couple of teasers that have appeared on the official Godzilla site under the Awaken the Truth page have popped up, and they only hint at Godzilla’s great power. Hit the jump to check out both videos.

The first video is just a 12 second tease of Godzilla’s roar. Mighty and powerful, it strikes fear into anyone. Of course it’s just a teaser, with the video just a recording of the strength of Godzilla’s roar.

While the roar was something we’ve heard in the first trailer, a trailer that popped up hours after the Roar trailer hints at the release of a new trailer for the film. In it, we hear Bryan Cranston berating someone about the clear warning signs that whatever it is that is going on out there, it’s not what the government wants us to believe. According to his character, the public was led to believe that it was either an earthquake or a typhoon. Whatever it is, it all started 15 years ago. So what exactly happened? Why is Cranston demanding answers? We’ll just have to see when the new trailer appears tomorrow.

Godzilla opens in theaters May 16.

Godzilla starring Aaron Johnson

By Michael Lee

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