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Part of what fascinates us with Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and other fictionalized nations, is the idea that they are so massive in size that they are not only uncharted, but they could possibly open the doors to new adventures. Now with the power of the internet at our hands, we can actually see what these areas look like thanks to the help of cartographers charting what they think looks like the fictionalized area in question.

Now a new interactive map has popped up online, and it is sure to put any of the other interactive maps you have seen to shame. That’s because it is an interactive map for HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. Hit the jump to check it out.

The Game Of Thrones superfan theMountainGoat helped create the website, which is clearly fan-made, but the detail on it looks very professional. Acting like a Google Map, you are able to scroll through the entire nation, zooming in and out through different portions of the map. Of course this being an interactive map, there is more to it that just simply zooming in and out.

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Clicking on towns or cities will send you to the respective wikipage. Information about any of the towns, its people, their nobles, goods, services, and more. But the most interesting thing about this map is that when you click on certain characters, you get to chart out their progress throughout the series.

The map will also help you get caught up on any episodes you may have missed. You can access this option by using the slider.

So check it out for yourself, and learn more about some of your favorite characters and noble houses.

Game Of Thrones
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By Michael Lee

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