The Giver

For the release of The Giver, The Weinstein company has rolled out an immersive viral campaign that takes fans to different platforms in order to reflect the themes of the movie. What’s super awesome about these sites is that they take social media and use it as a tool to engage their audience to participate in the world of the movie.

More on how you can enter and what you can win after the jump.

You actually start off with videos starring Jeff Bridges to inform you about each unique theme. Then you start a community profile that shows you tasks to complete within the periods theme. The most inspired posts are considered for prizes, the more you fulfill the bigger the prize. It’s anything from Spotify subscriptions to trips to Disneyworld (These represent happiness).


Then in about two weeks you meet with Bridges for the next interactive meeting and theme. The experience is best when used in conjunction with Google Chrome as it’s speech recognition tech meshes with the questions The Giver asks and responds to (Limited as its to your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions).

With The Giver’s 16 week  challenge, fans can participate in a campaign that not only benefits the users but also a charity of their choice. Every winner gets a sum of money donated to a charity of their choice. So hop on, make a profile and most importantly get creative! Each task will include “training” and ask you to submit your own memories, showcase what the themes mean to you and of course spread the word about the film. You even can be featured to be a citizen of the week.

During the final two weeks of the campaign (The Ceremony), the top 10 point earner will be put to a vote for the Grand Prize as the “The Reciver” and they’ll take home $10,000 cash and that sum met as a donation to their charity.

Here are key links to get started:

Login, complete your profile and this week’s instructions. You will then be rewarded your SEED badge and be ready to join the Community.

The Giver Challenge:
The Memory Deposit:
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