TMZ of all places reported yesterday on a rather interesting video that’s hit the web. It’s a commercial for a drug called NZT, and Bradley Cooper (though never named) is the sponsor. There’s even a website for the drug. While the ad and website boast the drug’s amazing abilities (and quick results), the side effects are almost comically horrific, so could this possibly be real?

The answer, as you may have guessed, is no. Some research quickly guided me to an upcoming movie starring Cooper called Limitless, which happens to be about a powerful top-secret drug that Cooper’s character finds. The simply yet ominously titled drug website, “The Clear Pill”, is crafty at playing it straight and avoiding any reference to the film or any companies/entities relating to any production. The drug apparently enhances your body enough to give you almost super abilities, but the side effects (including death if drug use is stopped) are brutal.

The film’s plot revolves around a copywriter who “discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. As his usage begins to change his life, he begins to consider the drug’s shadowy origins; meanwhile, a group of killers trails his every move.” Also starring Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish, Limitless opens in theaters on March 18th, 2011.

Oh, and in case you still had some doubt in your mind that the commercial is fake and for Limitless, call the toll free number 1-855-CLEAR-PILL, and they’ll set you straight.


I got a package in the mail from NZT, check it out here.

By Dan Koelsch

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