If you remember, I wrote an article stating how I feel as if District 9 is about the issues between Mexico and the United States. Of course there were a lot of people crying foul and stating it was the apartheid, and not immigration.

Well, io9.com has continued that belief in a new article on their page.

So, Neill Blomkamp is from South Africa. And, Neil has seen apartheid happen before his very eyes. And, Peter Jackson says “But Neill grew up in the dying days of apartheid in South Africa and he saw all the ugliness and all the brutality and how it affects people in different ways and all that is in the movie.”

Well, that theory, and mine, can still be used based off of that quote. Instead of getting in deep about the differences, I will make it blatantly clear as to why I feel this is about immigration.

  • Alien – Illegal Aliens
  • Crossing the border – Crossing the border
  • Don’t drink from alien fountains – “Don’t drink the water”
  • “We can’t understand them” – “We can’t understand them”
  • “They are taking our jobs” – They are taking our jobs”

The list goes on and on.

Apartheid did not offer jobs to those it was against. Apartheid did not offer help to those that were “different”. Apartheid did not let those they were against live with them.

This is not an argument, it’s just a statement that the obvious may not be the answer.

Maybe, and this is a very small maybe, but maybe Neil is using the area of South Africa as a method of showing the world, that it’s not a literal black and white thing. Maybe District 9 is a film about unknowing racism. A film that makes your views leans towards one side, but in fact show you that the world has more to it that what is blatantly right in front of you.

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