Nation, it’s no secret. I’m a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. So, naturally, when I heard about the possibility of a “Restoring Truthiness” rally, I had to do my part; and as a member of the liberal media, my role is to report news to you, the Colbert Nation. Let me stop talking like Stephen Colbert and start giving you the details.

Over the last few days there has been a growing movement on the “internets” to get Stephen Colbert, host of the Emmy-winning show “The Colbert Report,” to host a Glenn Beck-style rally in Washington, D.C. Such a rally, points out, would be to show that politics shouldn’t always be taken so seriously.

America, we are at a crossroad. Truthiness in this nation is at an all-time low since the inception of the concept was founded by the great American, Stephen Colbert. In its rich history over the past five years, Truthiness has become synonymous with American values such as freedom, honor, and Taco Bell. Recently our nation has suffered a truthiness drain. In fact, untruthiness is as common as measles vaccinations that cause cancer. We as a nation have stopped relying on our emotions and gut. We need to get back to what makes this nation great. Act on impulse not fact. Stop wasting time analyzing and just take what people say on face value. Why think when someone else can think for you. It’s superficial. It’s quick. It’s American. Restore Truthiness now!

It all started after a post on shared a vision: to see Stephen Colbert flip a mirror to the Tea Party and show them just how ridiculous they are. As the movement has progressed, however, it has opened its sights to politics in general. The message? Lighten up.

This rapidly expanding movement has been covered by the Huffington Post, New York Observer, and other media outlets. But even more important to any “viral” campaign is the response by us, the Nation.

A Facebook page (100,000 Strong to Restore Truthiness) has been created and so far has over 17,000 members. In addition, a website and twitter account have been created to get this rally off the ground.

Everything is falling into place for an awesome event, but it’s up to you to get it off the ground. Get your friends, family, pets, and neighbors to join in. It’s about time we restore truthiness in America.

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