With the success of the Veronica Mars crowdsourcing campaign as well as Zach Braff’s for his second directorial effort, it’s only natural that more and more celebrities are coming out the woodworks to find funding for their own personal film projects. Comedian, radio personality, TV show host and talk show podcaster Adam Carolla can now be added to that list. Find out about his new film project, Road Hard, how you can contribute to the crowdsourcing campaign and what Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston has to do with all of this after the break.

Road Hard is  a comedy film about a stand-up comedian who’s trying to get off of the road. The film was written by Carolla and Kevin Hench. Hench worked with him on The Man Show and also co-wrote his film, The Hammer. A crowdsourcing campaign was created for the film via the fundanything site and they hope to raise at least one million dollars to make it. As of writing this article, the campaign is a little over a third of the way there.

One of the best aspects of the campaign has to be their pitch video. Unlike a lot of crowdsourcing videos that bore you to death with information and dull salesmanship, this pitch is more about just being funny. It’s primarily a bit between Bryan Cranston and Carolla, where Carolla thinks that Cranston is going to be in his movie, but the Breaking Bad star points out in hilarious detail that’s not the case. You can check out the pitch video below:

The campaign does have a lot of different perks for people who help fund the film. A simple ten dollar contribution will get you access to the film’s site and a PDF of the script. Twenty dollars will get your name in the credits. There are a limited amount of “early bird” perks, where you can get t-shirts or a gallery quality movie poster. For more money, you can go to the Los Angeles Press Conference or to several of the private advanced screenings of the film or even visit the set. You can check out the Road Hard fundanything page for the list of the all perks and further information on the film and how you can give money, if you’re interested.

The Road Hard crowdsourcing campaign ends on August 16th. has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.