Have you ever wanted to unravel the mystery of why a place is haunted and what a ghost might be trying to tell you? Well, the wild minds at ALTERnetREALITY have created a haunted hotel experience called Windward Hotel that will let you do that “LIVE” and in person. Find out more about this new spin on the mystery dinner theater show and how they want to take it a step further after the jump.

Created by ALTERnetREALITY and Mikrotone Entertainment, the Windward Hotel event is explained by their site as follows:

A newlywed couple get snowed in on their honeymoon at the ‘Windward Hotel‘. They begin experiencing contact with the ghost of a young girl desperately trying to deliver a message from beyond the grave. With the help of the audience, that cryptic message will be decoded, and the answers may haunt us forever.

The first event will happen at The Publick House in Chester, NJ. You become a part of the show, once you walk upstairs and into the Hotel. As a character you can help the story along by solving cryptic puzzles left behind by the ghost haunting the Hotel. Guests will be able to enjoy dinner and drinks prepared by 2009’s Hell’s Kitchen Champion Dave Levey.


Once the initial run of Windward Hotel is complete, ALTERnetREALITY wants to stream Windward Hotel to movie theaters across the country. No locations have been announced yet, but they hope to announce them soon. ALTERnetREALITY’s main goal with such events is to create live-streaming entertainment experiences for viewers to engage the actors in-character, live and in real time. The content is then edited into reviewable versions (Re-Breaks) for viewers to enjoy anytime.

If this event sounds interesting to you, you can check out their simple Windward Hotel site here, but ALTERnetREALITY’s main site can be found here. You can also “Like” ALTERnetREALITY on Facebook, follow them on Twitter as well as watch some of their videos on YouTube. has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.