A new season of television is upon us, which not-so-coincidentally means we are seeing the carefully-timed release of many shows’ previous season on Blu-ray and DVD. FX’s American Horror Story is one property following that trend, but has taken the extra step of incorporating an online game to promote the release of American Horror Story: Asylum. Hit the jump to play American Horror Story: Escape The Asylum.

American Horror Story: Escape The Asylum is a simple but creepy chance game that tests your memory as you attempt to escape Briarcliff Manor. I don’t watch the show, so there are probably subtleties and references I missed that devoted fans of American Horror Story will appreciate, primarily in the footage clips that are inter-cut as you move throughout the game. You can play American Horror Story: Escape the Asylum for yourself below, where you will be greeted with the following instructions:


“Welcome to Briarcliff. Home of the sick and twisted. Have you got what it takes to escape?

Be careful, Bloody Face has his eye on you…

Many strange happenings take place in Briarcliff. Using your arrow keys or mouse, navigate your ways through the corridors and hallways of the asylum.

Hint: It may be wise to remember your past decisions.”



You can pick up American Horror Story: Asylum on Blu-ray and DVD on October 8. American Horror Story: Coven premieres the following night on FX.

By Alex Gerage

Alex is a graduate student at Northwestern University studying Communication. His recreational interests include sports, Star Wars, and superheroes.

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