That Awkward Moment Relationship QuizThat Awkward Moment stars Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, Miles Teller as three best friends who are at different stages of a “relationship.” To help promote the film Focus Features launched a newly released interactive quiz featuring the three actors on Tumblr site. This hybrid video/quiz site gives the viewer a look at all the stars (as themselves) on a couch as they ask questions and chat about individual preferences. The goal of the quiz is to help the viewer understand if they might be in a relationship or not based on a series of questions and answers.

The quiz asks a series of specific queries in an effort to guess if you and the guy you’re talking to are “Not in a relationship” or “Definitely in a relationship”. While suited for a female audience, some of the questions lead to funny conversations. As you continue through the quiz, the guys engage in all sorts of back and forth banter related to the questions asked.

One example question looks like this:
Is his name saved in your phone’s contacts as (1) a clue to how you met him or (2) his real name?

As you take the test, a gauge in the top-right corner of the quiz gives you an idea of how far into the “relationship zone” you are. Each question takes you closer or further away. As you refresh the page, different questions are asked, and banter changes accordingly. The questions vary from sexual activities, how you interact with friends, or use of emoticons. In one case, the guys actually mention Snapchat. Interestingly, if you answer everything like a “hook-up”, you’ll find the meter swings so far to the right, that it goes off the gauge.

That Awkward Moment opens in theatres January 31st, 2014.

That Awkward Moment starring Miles Teller Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.