Terry Gilliam may use Kickstarter to Fund Don Quixote

Thanks in part to the massive success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, many filmmakers have followed in Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas‘ footsteps when it comes to funding their movies. However Zach Braff‘s I Wish I Was Here seems to be the most notable one to replicate its success. Shows like Friday Night Lights and Terriers were considering using the crowd sourcing site as a method of funding a film adaptation, but none of them actually panned out – the reason being either lack of interest or creative differences. But that isn’t stopping filmmakers from considering crowd sourcing as a method of funding.

For a long time Terry Gilliam has been trying to get his adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote into production, but has failed numerous times. The novel’s nearly impossible adaptation has been a passion project of Gilliam’s, but has turned into a nightmare of sorts as no studio will fund his project. Now he may considering using crowd funding. Hit the jump to learn more.

The Playlist via Swedish site Moviezine reports that Gilliam has spoken with Thomas, and based on the translation says that he can [raise] more money for ‘Don Quixote,’ ” Gilliam said. “I have long avoided the idea of ​​crowdfunding, but I think the main thing now is just to get it done so I can move on with my life.”

While the novel itself is world renowned, it isn’t as huge of a draw as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, and considering how massive the book really is, it’s going to take quite a bit of funding to get the film into production. We’ll keep you up to date on whether or not Terry Gilliam will use Kickstarter to fund Don Quixote.

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Obviously the success of the Veronica Mars project made him consider using crowd funding sites like Kickstarter. And given that Don Quixote isn’t a superhero or YA novel, studios being hesitant to adapt the novel doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

By Michael Lee

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