X-Men Days Of Future Past starring Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy

It’s still too early to tell if X-Men: Days Of Future Past going to actually be good, but the marketing for this movie is starting to really heat up. We’ve seen some interesting ads with Quicksilver and Mystique, but no real viral activity until now. Playing off the X-Men: First Class‘ reference to mutants changing history, we have a new viral site that shows more of these events. Read on find out more and check out the site.

This new website is simply called 25 Moments and it outlines 25 events that have played a role in changing the course of history – of course, with ramifications for mutants. Some of these are just mutant-only, like Xavier’s creation of a mutant boarding school. Others, are more fantastic like Magneto’s implication in the Kennedy assassination. The photographic proof is in gloriously believable grainy black and white. Given the single bullet theory, Magneto even kind of makes sense.

You’ll see all sorts of these kinds of clever plays on moments in history. I wish the filmmakers would play these fun ideas a bit more. Imagine the kind of interesting ideas they could come up with related to the Bermuda triangle. Presumably all these these events will play a role in the movie’s plot (and future mutant apocalypse). I’m really hoping X-Men: Days of Future Past is good , because this looks like fun. Here’s a short clip of what you’ll see on 25 Moments:

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23rd, 2014.

x-men days of future past image

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