batman vs superman batmobile teaser image

Yesterday, Zack Snyder tweeted a teaser image of the Batmobile, a month before the film officially starts production. A brilliant marketing move to say the least, one that would help get the official image out before leaked set photos would appear on the web. Snyder did state that he would reveal Batman’s signature vehicle to the world in a tweet today, but he did that and much more.

Not only did Snyder reveal the Batmobile, but he also revealed an image of the new Batsuit. Hit the jump to see the full reveal.

Though it is not a full reveal, he do get to see the hatch that opens up the driver’s sear/cockpit. And if we are to combine this with yesterday’s teaser image, it would seem that this Batmobile is a combination of being grounded with the Batmobile seen in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

Here’s Snyder’s Tweet:

And here’s yesterday’s image.
batman vs superman batmobile teaser image

The teaser image already has 14.5 K retweets, with today’s image earning up to nearly 9K retweets and 4.4 K favorites in the 20 minutes since it was posted. So, it’s safe to say that this has gone viral.

As for the Batsuit, we can’t be sure if that is Ben Affleck wearing the cape and cowl, but this is the first time we are getting a chance to see the suit from top to bottom. The suit resembles a more classic look of the Batman fans are accustomed to seeing, with the short ears, the less battle armor look, etc.


The tentatively titled Batman Vs Superman also stars Henry Cavill, Jessie Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, Tao Okamoto, Ray Fisher, and more. The film hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

By Michael Lee

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