mad men for your consideration header image

If you ever are around the Los Angeles area or invest your spare time to reading news on the entertainment industry, then you most likely have run into For Your Consideration ads. With the Emmy’s just a few weeks away, AMC has started to roll out more and more of these ads as a part of their Emmy campaign. Most ads feature very the very generic quotes plus “For Your Consideration,” but these ads take it up more than just a few notches.

The header image above is just a sample of those creative For Your Consideration ads for the Emmy-nominated Mad Men. Hit the jump to see all the ads.

These ads can be found up and down Sunset Blvd or Highland Ave., and since Mad Men is all about advertising, these For Your Consideration ads make a lot of sense. What makes these ads even better is that not only do they help promote the show and the likelihood of winning an award, but they are made to look like ads you would see on a billboard, magazine, or bus stop. So take a look at the fine print on each of them.

These ads premiered on The Hollywood Reporter. With the field stocked with highly praised shows like True Detective, Breaking Bad, and more, we will be seeing more ads like these in the near future, and each of them will have to be more innovative than the next.

By Michael Lee

Michael Lee has an English and Communications degree from Concordia University Irvine. He is a fan of films that are comic-book adaptations and dry witty comedies. has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.