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There are times where I wished marketing gags in New York could find their way here on the west coast. The Archer Debonair Mobile was one of them. Not only are these advertisements a great way to push said product, but you get some free swag out of it. So for Netflix, what better way to market season 2 than to give out free pies and chocolate and vanilla swirls (chocolate and vanilla swirl, swirl).

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Mashable discovered Netflix’s latest gag to come out of their marketing machine. “The truck, adorned with Crazy Eyes a.k.a. Suzanne and the “I threw my pie for you” phrase, made several pitstops” all over New York last weekend, which included stops at Broadway, the Flatiron Building, and Central Park.

Here’s a video from the event.

It doesn’t look like the “I Threw My Pie For You” event will be making its way to the west coast any time soon, but seeing as this one took place a few weeks after the premiere of season 2, don’t give up your hopes on seeing it happen.

Reports also say that people came in droves to get a piece of the pie and some tasty chocolate and vanilla swirl. Fans also had the opportunity to take a photo with a cardboard cut out of the entire cast.

Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black debuted back on June 6. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you start your binge watching now, because it is that good.

By Michael Lee

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