How The “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” Uber Viral Campaign Turned Into A Comedic Taxi Ride

transformers age of extinction uber prank video

Weeks before the release of Transformers: Age Of Extinction (read our reviews here), Paramount Pictures and Uber, a social media taxi call service, teamed up to help fans be taxied to and from various locations while riding in Optimus Prime vehicle mode – unfortunately robot mode is not yet available for insurance reasons.

This viral campaign was a stark contrast to the film’s plot which has humans hating Transformers instead of itching to ride in them. So while fans had a chance to take a ride in the greatest Autobot, what these three people didn’t know was that they were becoming a part of the latest viral sensation by having Optimus Prime show up as their taxi. This latest prank video from, captures all of the target’s reactions to Optimus Prime picking them up. Hit the jump to see three different reactions in one single video, and to learn how all of this was planned.

Now the original campaign gave fans the opportunity to ride in Optimus Prime for a 15 minute ride. With a very narrow window of time, we haven’t been able to see what fans thought of the experience itself. Luckily, the prank video above was created.

Much like the Devil baby prank, or the Carrie coffee shop prank, this particular prank is a reaction based one. So all the hilarious surprised faces you see are of course part of the prank. Andy Signore, programming VP at parent company Defy Media, told The Hollywood Reporter that Paramount reached out to Break, given the site’s reputation for successful prank videos. However it seems like there was some heavy editing with the voice of Optimus, so who knows what is real and what is fake in this video. Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see a ostentatious Mack truck roll through the city of Los Angeles so casually.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is now open in theaters.

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