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It’s already July, which means half of the year is already behind us. You’ve already seen what I was disappointed with this year, so let’s finish off our top ten of the year so far on a positive note. Unfortunately there were no real stand outs this year, and half of the films that disappointed me ended up just getting 3/5 stars, but it just wasn’t enough to leave the kind of impression I was hoping for.

I can’t say the same for the films that I liked this year. Again, with no real stand outs, and a lot of the films ending up pretty much mediocre, it was fairly easy choosing a top ten at this point of the year than it was last year. With six more months left, this list could easily change. So you’ve seen a teaser of the kind of films that made it on to the list in the header image above, why not check out the full list below.

edge of tomorrow tom cruise emily blunt
10 – Edge Of Tomorrow
Though Doug Liman‘s Edge Of Tomorrow couldn’t hold it’s own at the box office, it proved that Tom Cruise still has the edge and those so-called critics were wrong about him, and that the actor still could carry the film even without the help of some well-known support. Original, fun, and action packed, Edge of Tomorrow has plenty of heart and humor, and was every bit the sci-fi action time traveling film any fan of the genre could hope for. While the concept may have been just a tad bit confusing, the film overall was loads of fun, and that’s what is most important. The idea of turning what is essentially a sci-fi action version of Groundhogs Day, but it’s hard not to enjoy a film as engaging and fun as Edge of Tomorrow.

chef header image
9 – Chef
It is certainly not the most groundbreaking film, but after busts like Cowboys And Aliens (thanks a lot Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman), it’s great to see that Jon Favreau has found his stride again. What the Transformers franchise does by sexualizing woman and explosions, Chef does by creating food porn. Seriously don’t go into this film on an empty stomach, because they way Favreau shoots his food in his film will make you hungry. Aside from that, the film actually has a feel good story with that Favreau flair. Chef finds one of the top chef’s in all of Miami without a job due to an overbearing manager and ego. Set on finding what made him a chef in the first place, Favreau makes a bold move by making food he loves in a food truck, with the help of his family (Sophia Vergara) and close friends. Chef is funny and witty, and has a lot of heart, the kind of heart that films this year has been missing.

the faults in our stars header image
8 – Fault In Our Stars
Not one of the most surprising hits of this year considering how much of a fanbase there is, especially for those who have read the novel. What was surprising was the fact that Faults In Our Stars actually beat Edge Of Tomorrow at the box office. Our own Sabina is such a huge fan of the film, even got some of her work included in the film’s official music video. Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber writes yet another fine adaptation of a novel that centers on the youth of a nation. Though the film does deal with some dark themes, it gets through it with wise-cracking humor and some very heartfelt moments. Sure Fault In Our Stars is a cancer film, but it does not try to sell itself as a tired cliched cancer drama, and making it relatible was just just once of the reasons why the film has become such a hit. The other reason is because of the chemistry between film stars Shaliene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. The performance from the two certainly will get audiences to turn on the water works.

Keira Knightley in Begin Again
7 – Begin Again
It’s difficult not to like a film like Begin Again. Sure The latest film from writer-director John Carney (Once) may be cliched drivel, but the charming cast, and the soulful music completely make up for it. Begin Again does have that indie hipster look to it, it doesn’t have that pretentious hipster feel. However because Begin Again falls into the generic roamantic tropes we would normally see in any romance film, it doesn’t quite soar as high as Once does. But what this film lacks in originality, it makes up for with heart, music, and ambition. Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley sing all the right notes with wonderful performances, and their characters seem to actually engage the audience through song. Sure Begin Again may ask the “can a song save your life” cliche, but you feel so good by the end of the film, you just may have the itch to watch it again.

Obvious Child Jenny Slate Image
6 – Obvious Child
While it is the most sensitive subjects to have in a comedy, Obvious Child addresses the issue of abortions with wit and comedy. The always hilarious Jenny Slate stars in this comedy written and directed by Gillian Robespierre. Like The Fault In Our Stars, the film doesn’t try to sell you the idea that it is an abortion movie, instead the film’s focus is on the strength of the contemporary women. And as you get further into the film, we slowly start to feel for Donna (Slate) rather than judge her decisions. Sure there is that religious and political divide, but it is important to see that Obvious Child is one of the few films who are dare venture into addressing a very serious issue in a way that is not only funny and self-depreciating, but also shows how difficult it is for women to come to decision at a critical moment in their lives.

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By Michael Lee

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