On July 23, DC Comics will mark the 75th anniversary of Batman with “Batman Day,” a day-long celebration of all things Dark Knight at comic shops, book stores, and libraries nationwide. In anticipation of the big day, has released a fun infographic that chronicles the many versions of the symbol Bruce Wayne has adorned over the years. Just how different did the Caped Crusader’s duds look when he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939? Read on to find out.

The Mark of Batman: The Evolution of an Icon was designed by Kate Willaert for (the two similarly collaborated for Superman’s 75th anniversary last year) and offers the progression of Bat symbols through the ages, from Batman’s first appearance in the comics to his future appearance in film:


It is interesting to see that while there have been several iterations of the Batman symbol and costume over the last seven-plus decades, the designs found in the comics have mostly followed a natural evolution. But clearly, the Bat symbols on screen are a different story. The awful 1990’s era Joel Schumacher designs stand out for all the wrong reasons, even though they served as a foundation for the suits used in the Nolan trilogy. It is also worth comparing how great of a departure the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice suit and logo appear to be from any design used in the movies previously, which certainly supports the notion that we will be seeing a wholly unique on-screen Batman in 2016.

Batman Day goes down next Wednesday with events and giveaways happening at a comic shop near you. Let us know your favorite Batman symbol, as well as how you plan on spending Batman Day in the comments section below.

By Alex Gerage

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