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No superhero movie is safe from plotholes, all of their scripts have them, and videos from Honest Trailers and How It Should Have Ended are more than happy to point them out. But for How It Should Have Ended, they provide their own alternate endings for said film.

Now with Marvel Studios releasing one successful film after another, some of the bigger plot holes in the film are a bit more obvious, like how come Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America didn’t call the Avengers to help when they had the chance. The film’s merely glossed over that, and expected us to accept the notion that just because it is a solo film, they are on their own.

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting store shelves next month, the people over at How It Should Have Ended released heir latest video, How Captain America The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended. Hit the jump to check it out.

Obviously it be to easy to call the Avengers to solve of MCU’s problems, not to mention that it be lazy writing. But what the film does point out is that Black Widow’s disguise technology could have been used differently, which would have caused less destruction in the film.

While these videos are meant to be funny and poke fun at the films in question, there comes a point where the whole “we should have called the Avengers when we had the chance” becomes tiresome. So at what point do the HISHE people stop using that as point in their upcoming videos for Marvel movies? Regardless, I’m sure they will find other means of finding plotholes like the fishbowl bottoms that are attached to the Helicarriers, the holographic disguise, and just picking up Hydra agents into the air and dropping them.

By Michael Lee

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