pokemonmastercardBack on April Fool’s Day, Google Maps rolled out their Pokémon Challenge. People had to use their Google Maps app to find Pokémon hidden around their area. It was a “job interview” for the newly created role of Pokémon Master at Google. Of course there really wasn’t a Pokémon Master position with the company, but it was a fun activity to take part in for any Pokémon fan. Now, two months later, a participant on Reddit received a special message from Google…they got the job. More after the jump.

That was the original announcement video released on April 1st. On Friday, Reddit user, TinyGrump, posted this image in the googlepokemon subreddit: pokemon master

Along with the letter, Google sent out 10 business cards which have the “Pokémon Master” job title as well as the Master’s name. If you caught all 150 Pokémon, be on the look out for your letter and cards! Post yours to our Facebook wall or share with us on Twitter with hashtag #MovieViral!

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