Aside from a ridiculous amount of Assemble puns, Marvel has a new YouTube channel that allows you to piece together a music video. Like the fan-made commercial for LOST and DVD trailer for Law Abiding Citizen, it supplies you with the materials you need to get your creative juices flowing. Find out more after the jump.

As the Avengers Remix page explains:

Assemble your own action-packed video and music remix, featuring official clips from the movie and songs from the album, Avengers Assemble.¬†Access HD video clips from the movie; tools for trimming and rendering edits; special effects and transitions; and four songs from the Marvel Music/Hollywood Records album Avengers Assemble, a compilation of music from and inspired by the film, including: Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise,” “Into the Blue” from Bush, “Shake the Ground” from Cherri Bomb and Redlight King’s “Comeback,” available now.

You’ll need a Google account and Adobe Flash to get started. There is a quick intro to the editing program which isn’t helpful to unexperienced editors, who will most likely not know what they’re doing, but it feels extremely natural to those who have used even Windows Movie Maker. I’d say it closely resembles the old iMovie since it has only one layer of video, but two layers of audio. Don’t think you’re getting any heavy orchestral music to play around with though, this is a straightforward music video with contemporary music. Don’t think you get anything uploaded to your channel either. They take ownership of your work but you still get credited in the title. Check out my video below and link us to your version in the comments section!

By Kris

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