godzilla headerLast night, Joshua and I got to go into the Godzilla Encounter at SDCC. We were encouraged to take photos with the special app released for use inside of the experience to unlock special information about Godzilla’s history. However, I had the great idea to do a video, but as we went through, something went wrong. Check out the video after the jump!

What was supposed to be a nice stroll through an exhibit of Godzilla history, including set pieces from the upcoming film, turned into something much more.

I’m sure everyone wants to know what happened after the elevator. After the elevator you walk into an office in a skyscraper. It’s raining outside and hear faint rumblings, the floor also shakes a bit. Suddenly, Godzilla walks by, floor quaking. The tour guide said, “oh, i think he’s gone.” Godzilla’s head rises up, super close to window, looks at us inside and roars really loudly (lights flash, floor shakes). The tour guide and the army guys in the room told to run before he came back.

This was easily the coolest (and scariest) event at Comic-Con and if you weren’t able to get tickets via the Ticket Leap website, follow Legendary on Twitter for your chance to get them from their booth on the exhibit floor!

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