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It is never too early to start a marketing campaign for a film like X-Men: Apocalypse. And 20th Century Fox is starting some very early marketing promotion for the upcoming film, which will be directed by Byran Singer, by launching two new viral marketing websites. The film is actually no where near the start of production, in fact it is still be written, and the cast is still being assembled, but if its any indication, these two new viral marketing campaigns could set the tone for the film.

One is for unite the mutants for good, the other seeks to expose the mutants as a threat to the human population. Which side are you on? Hit the jump to check out the site.

We’ll start with the united side. The Tandem Initiative is a viral website that seeks to unite the world’s genetically gifted. The viral site, which is actually a tumblr page, wants fans to upload pictures of their special talents, while holding a #WeAreGifted banner. Of course if you can do anything like the images below, I’m sure you’ll see an increase in the amount of tumblr shares.

By submitting a photo, you’ll automatically be entered in the film’s sweepstakes, where winners will receive five genetic sequencing.

Here’s the Tandem Initiative’s mission statement:

Tandem Initiative was founded to help explore a new and growing generation: the genetically gifted.

Inspired by the fast-growing population of Homo Sapiens Superior, we believe that studying the extraordinary abilities of the genetically gifted has the potential to assist humanity, as well as provide all genetically gifted individuals with a better understanding of their capabilities.

Through the identification of HSS outlier genes and their pathways, we can assist all species of humanity through novel new forms of diagnosis and the development of new therapeutic alternatives.

The M-Underground viral site doesn’t see the benefit of humans and mutants working together. Instead, their mission is to create a rift between humans and mutants, and expose mutants as a threat.

Using documents, photos, and videos has evidence to prove mutants are a danger, the M-Underground says they have proof that JFK wasn’t the only mutant in the Kennedy family, and uses medical documentation that Ted Kennedy was also a mutant. Check out some of the gifs and images below.

As you may recall, JFK was assassinated in X-Men: Days Of Future Past for being a mutant. So I guess mutant powers must run in the family. In fact, not only was JFK’s assassination an essential part to the film, but it was so a vital part to the film’s viral marketing campaign.

Here’s a small video from their site:

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