It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Supe- nope, it’s a plane. Or is it? The found-footage film, Chronicle, opens this Friday and to get people even more excited, a viral marketing campaign started over New York City and parts of New Jersey that will make you think you’re seeing things! If you live in the area and you’ve seen “people” flying around in the sky, there’s a perfectly logical explanation. Find out what it is after the jump.

20th Century Fox hired the New York City based viral marketing agency, Thinkmodo (the guys behind the Limitless Times Square hack) to design special aircraft to promote Chronicle. Michael Krivicka from Thinkmodo explains to TechCrunch:

“Since the three main characters of the movie have the ability to fly, we came up with the idea of staging a few “flying people” sightings around NYC. We achieved that illusion by having 3 custom-made aircraft (which were shaped like human beings) fly above designated areas in NYC and NJ.”

Below you can see a behind-the-scenes video documenting the flights:

Chronicle opens in theaters this Friday, February 3rd! has been reacquired by its original founders. Please pardon any interruptions during this transitory period.